Princeton University Alumni Association

Princeton University Alumni Association
We developed a refreshed brand identity for the Princeton University Alumni Association, including a new seal, illustration and logo lock-ups, which incorporate the gravitas of the University with a fresh and modern visual sensibility.

Over the last several years, we have been able to build on this branding platform as we develop new and refreshed materials for the Association, including all materials for Alumni Day, Princeton Prize in Race and Relations, Reunions, PAWS pages and ads, Princeton Journeys and conferences.

Princeton Journeys
For Princeton University’s Alumni travel program, we designed a full-length magazine that showcased trips around the world.

Princeton Reunions
We help the Alumni Association with posters and ads to promote safety, advertise the famous “take it or leave it” tent, promote food truck locations, explain wristband protocol, and clarify how to download the mobile app.

Princeton Prize in Race Relations
For these national high school awards sponsored by Princeton University, we created posters and ads explaining the program and how to nominate students who have made significant strides in improving Race Relations in their communities.

Conference design includes:

Click to view − She Roars
Click to view − L’Chaim
Click to view − Many Minds
Click to view − Every Voice
Click to view − Coming Back